Today I started to read The Locavore’s Handbook, by Leda Meredith. Great book! Leda has a lot of cool stuff in her book about eating local on a budget. Most of what’s in the book is right up my alley. I started to day dream about becoming a locavore.

When I was driving to work today I thought, ‘Is it worth it?’ This whole food thing. Is it worth the emotional price? Why can’t I just eat normal? I think about food SEVERAL times a day…as we all, but I give it a lot of thought. Basically I am trying to define my diet in my head. Get it set so it becomes second nature and I don’t have to worry about eating, too much, what I call “crap food.” You know: junk food, fast food, easy to make food… Wendy’s two times a day, four days a week, followed up by two quarts of ice cream and five pizzas per week. Crap food!

Maybe I am tired and need to be encouraged. Maybe I am getting too much information and I need more time to process everything. Maybe I need more time just eating well. Maybe I just need a couple days off.

Last night I was trying to find plants that I could forage for medicine. I want to find plants that would ease heartburn and take care of athletes foot. The basic thought of it is good: I want to find and use plants in my city to help my body’s needs and stop depending on the pharmacy down the street. Take a step or two back, and it’s like: WTF? Why would you go to a park instead of going to WALGREENS? DUMBASS!

Over the past two years I have been experimenting with the consequences of “eating normal.” Every time it’s the same stuff: heartburn, weight gain, fatigue, nausea, breakouts, shortness of breath… I can feel my body’s disapproval of my diet. At my lowest I was taking 30 ibuprofen A DAY, puking weekly from over eating, and eating a bottle of antacids a week. 

I know I am doing the right thing. The next couple of days I might need to take an emotional break…but eat O.K.

It would be cool to get connected with other people that have similar ideas to myself: plant too much food in their yard, desire to kill chickens, forage for food, want to give the middle finger to the USDA and Monsanto… I saw this really cool 29 minute documentary called Bryan’s Garden. It shows clips of Byran in his garden talking about his experiments with gardening and raising chickens. In a very intense scene homeboy kills a chicken. Straight chops its head off! He processed the chicken- wrong, (I am not being snotty) something I wouldn’t have caught before the Chicken Processing Class. Homeboy is the real deal; he lives in Minneapolis and he cooks!

I will go to bed tonight and for the next few days take it easy on food.


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