Neighborhood Eggs

I have not been buying eggs at the store lately. The last three dozen eggs I got- I bought from people that have chickens in their backyards. (I just found out you do not need a license to sell your own chicken’s eggs.)

I bought eggs from a guy today that lives in South Minneapolis. He has a sign outside his house and I drive by it on the way to work. “Eggs $3.50 dozen.” I have seen the sign for months, he never takes it down, but today was the first time I stopped. I had $3.50 ready and knocked on the door. An older man with a long graying beard answered. I ask if he had an eggs and he responded, “A Dozen?” like he had done this several times before. I nodded and he walked in the house and came back out with a dozen eggs and I gave him the cash. He told me they were gathered an hour before. 

He looked like a nice guy so I asked about his chickens. He told me he has 30 in his yard! I told him I am interested in getting some and asked if they are a lot of work. He told me they are and you need a good coop. He said he has a very nice coop with heat and running water. I could have asked several more questions but I didn’t want to take up too much of his time. I thanked him for the eggs and went on my way.

The first lady I bought eggs from I found on Craigslist. She lives close to me here in Saint Paul. She didn’t seem so comfortable talking about the eggs so I didn’t ask questions. She sold me two dozen for $4.

If I can give small farmers $2-$4 for a dozen eggs from chickens in their yard it is well worth it.


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