Grape Leaves

 We have seven grape vines in our yard. They are growing like crazy. I trimmed them all this past spring and now they look overgrown. I read; this year, the fourth year, they really take off. We have a lot of grape clusters on them now too, it looks pretty cool.

We did find wild grapes in Saint Paul. Come harvest time I will go check on the grapes. I saw a lot of other people picking raspberries this year, I wonder if people forage for grapes.

Kristina and I enjoy Middle Eastern food. One of the sides is stuffed grape leaves. I know I can’t stuff a grape leaf like the Falafel King but I want to try. I picked 50 grape leaves; blanched them; stacked them together; rolled them up; put them in a quart jar and poured a brine over them; finally processed the jar. Now to find a recipe for the stuffing…and some falafel.

I wonder if I could marinate some meat, than wrap the meat up in the leaf and smoke it. Hmmm.


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