The Move

We moved this past weekend. Change has always been hard on my diet. A week or two ago I told Kristina, “This is it- We are eating crap food from here until we are settled in to the new place, two or three weeks from now.” We were getting serious about moving.  It’s not the stress of change, it’s the convenience of eating convenient food; not having to plan, buy, cook and clean.

Crap food baby! Pizza, Wendy’s, McDonald’s, more Pizza, Arby’s, Jimmy John’s, Chipolte… POP! Yep, I am a HFCS sucking, supporting Monsanto stealing the world’s culture- P.O.S.!

Did I mention pizza? I have had Pizza Man twice during this move. I love Pizza Man. I grew up with it in the A.N.O.K.A. I have lived outside of the delivery area, as an adult, all but one blessed year when we lived across the street from one. I have driven miles to get it myself. It’s that good! Well, good news. I now live with-in the delivery area, but I will still drive to get it. Screw those pizza delivery guys!!!

Please forgive me for giving props to a -crap food- pizza place on this blog, I have sunk that low. I want higher standards, but I also want to be real. I am all about local, good, healthy food and cooking. I am also trying to figure out how to eat that way all the time: During family vacations, during moves, when the family is sick, when I REALLY don’t want to cook, when the thought of a chicken on a farm makes me confused -about our food system- and I want 20 McNuggets for $5 to show that free range chicken who’s boss.

I’m being silly! Sometimes you feel that way.

I have lost track of the garden. I see a few of my neighbors drooling at the thought of us leaving forever so they can harvest our vegetables. I have politely reminded them that we still “own” our house and we will be back several times a week.

The thought of going to Trader Joe’s has been out of reach the past few days. We are just getting to that point now, since our kitchen is almost unpacked. That’s just a grocery store, not the co-op, or the garden, or foraging. There is a process for me to get to that “ideal” of what my diet should be.

The good news! I have been reading Guerrilla Gardening: A Manuafesto. That’s right I -want to be- on my way to become a Che Guevara; only with plants, not guns. I can’t say I am on my way, until I actually do some guerrilla gardening. I do have dozens of plants back at the old house I want to plant somewhere.

More good news! We have a dinning room! We went to Ikea and bought the largest table they have. It seats up to FOURTEEN PEOPLE!… and we only have five people in our family.


Overboard my ass!

I like to have people over for dinner. My thought is: Build it and they will come! Kristina challenged me to fill our fourteen seat dinning room table up, so… You are invited to dinner at our house any Saturday night. Please bring the family and a dessert or beverage and I will give you a great meal.


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