My Baby’s Chunky Monkey

Here is my Valentines Day post for the Dark Days Challenge.

On any Saturday night my baby and I will be sitting around. We will have sent the monsters to bed and have broke out the wine. About this time we start thinking of junk food. We play rock, paper, scissors to see who has to leave the comfort of the house and travel to Cub Foods to pick some up. On top of that list is some Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. My wife is Chunky Monkey and I am Phish Food.

Chunky Monkey is not exactly local (Banana ice cream, walnuts and chocolate chunks) so I will be making strawberry along with the chunky monkey.The Chunky Monkey ingredients will be legit: Sustainable and organic.

I like to be a little bit ghetto, I like a challenge, I want to be resourceful, I want to break some cooking rules so I am making ice cream without an ice cream maker. Mainly because I don’t have one… and ’cause I’m cool like that!

The basic recipe:

3 Cups Half and Half

1 Cup Heavy Cream

8 Large Egg Yolks

1 cup of Sweetener

Here’s how I started out both of the ice creams: I took 1 cup of heavy cream and 3 cups of half and half and slowly heated it to just a simmer.

Now things get tricky because I want to make a half batch for both ice creams (1.5 quarts total-.75 quarts per) and I need to use all local ingredients for the strawberry and non local for the chunky monkey.

For the chunky monkey I took 4 egg yolks and blended them real well. I then added 1/2 cup of turbinado sugar- good co-op stuff.

For the strawberry I took 4 egg yolks and blended them real well. I then added 1/2 cup of strawberry preserve that was made with honey. It’s a straight local ice cream including the sweetener!

I then took half of the heavy cream and half and half mixture and slowly mixed it into the egg and preserve mixture for the strawberry. I put that in a saucepan and added more preserves. I brought that up to 160 degrees and poured that into a quart mason jar- we use those for everything.

Same for the chunky monkey. I took the second half of the heavy cream and half and half mixture and slowly added that to the egg and sugar mixture. I put that in the sauce pan and I figure this is where I make the banana ice cream. I’m not sure if I used the right technique or the right amount. I cut up two medium sized bananas and put them into the sauce pan with the mixture and mixed it up real well. It came up to 160 degrees and it thickened up. I continued to mix it and put it in a quart jar.

I let the jars come down to room temp and put them in the fridge for 4 hours. I then transferred the jars to the freezer. I let them sit in there for an hour or so. I took them out to ‘turn’ the ice cream. I took one of the beaters from my hand mixer and attached it to my cordless power drill. Yes, I could have used the hand mixer but I felt the drill was more manly. I mixed up the freezing ice cream once every 45 minutes a total of three times. The second time I mixed up the chunky monkey I added the walnuts and the dark chocolate.

Strawberry on left- Chunky Monkey on right

The cost of both ice creams together was around $15. The strawberry really tasted like honey. It wasn’t over powering but I would have to call it strawberry/honey flavored ice cream. The chunky monkey was definitely thicker than the strawberry. I think next time I will saute the bananas with sugar before adding them to the ice cream. I wasn’t going for it but: The chunky monkey did not taste like Ben and Jerry’s AT ALL. The texture of both of them wasn’t as good as I wanted. I will need that KitchenAid stand mixer to correct that.

I love my baby! Each day we are together is a wonderful treat. We have been together for over 11 years and my love for her continues to deepen. I am enjoying and I am looking forward to going through life with her. I often picture us being old cootes sitting around a nursing home laughing and enjoy each others company. Here’s to another 67 years of your love! I love you baby! Happy Valentines Day!

Me and my baby


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