Doughnuts and Life

Life… Life has been challenging and busy.

I went back to school this past semester and my teacher is totally kicking my butt. I’m taking a business course and I have a lot of homework. I’m doing a research project on a international corporation. We got to choose what company we wanted to research; Guess who I picked?! Yeah, that’s right: MONSANTO! I will have to report back on my findings.

This is a total rebel post. I really should be studying for a test but I have been struggling to post things once every two weeks and I wanted to post something. I have several ideas for posts and hope to get a couple done in the near future. I will have to work this post in with homework.

I feel guilty for not keeping up with Dark Days posts. Last week I was tempted to take a picture of a fried egg and post that. No words, just a picture of a very well done fried egg… This post is not a Dark Days post and I will need to take a couple weeks off. I will resume Dark Days stuff in March to finish up that challenge. I am eager to make that lasagna.

There is an update and here are my doughnuts:

I have a pretty clear memory from my childhood. I must have been in third grade. My dad and I where at the SA -Super America- on 7th and Main in Anoka early in the morning. I was sitting in the cab of our Ford F-250 and it was winter. Before my dad ran inside to pay for the gas that he just pumped, he asked if I would like a Super Mom’s doughnut. I told him that I didn’t want an old fashion one so he got me a ‘new style’ one.

What is the difference between the two? I’m not real sure. The old fashion one is a cake doughnut and the new one has yeast and is fried?

I have made doughnuts before and it sort-of sucks. Working with flour and dough just sucks ’cause it’s messy and it takes time. The flour covers your kitchen, you need to let the dough rise twice… They tasted like doughnuts but they weren’t awesome.

Last night when I got home from work I found sugar cookies sitting on the counter. My daughter helped make them and they tasted pretty good. That inspired me to give doughnuts another try.

Last time I used Alton Brown’s recipe. This time I found myself at The Pioneer Woman. Who the heck is this lady?! I have never heard of this blog before a couple months ago and I have used three of her recipes on this blog and I wasn’t seeking out her blog to use a recipe. Her blog looks awesome and she has good looking recipes.  She’s gotta be a mega blogging star and I just don’t know it.

I can’t follow her recipe dead on, right? That’s what adapting is, isn’t it? Instead of whole milk, I used just over a cup of local half and half that was left over from my ice cream. I mixed in 1/3 cup of co-op turbinado sugar. I put that on the stove over a very low heat just to dissolve the sugar and bring the mixture up to room temp. Then I added a yeast packet. I mixed 2 eggs in a large bowl and added 11 tbsp of butter (I’m going all Paula Deen.) After mixing the eggs and the butter real well I added the milk mixture and mixed that real well.

I took 1.5 cups of unbleached white flour and 2.5 cups of whole wheat pastry flour (it’s what I had) and slowly added it to the liquid. When all the flour was mixed in I used my hand mixture on it for 5 minutes. I then let it sit on a cool counter for several hours.

I rolled out the dough to 1/4-3/8″ and used whatever circular cutters I could find. I found a bowl and a sippy cup. I cut out doughnuts and set them on trays.  I left a few doughnut holes and a couple doughnut without the centers cut out. I let these sit for a while until I was ready to fry them.

I fried them in 375 degree oil. I used a small amount of oil for the first 6 doughnuts I cooked and it was really hard to keep the oil at 375. I would spike up to 400 and go down to 250. I then got a bigger pot of oil and the temperature was slightly easier to control. I fried the doughnuts for 30-60 seconds per side, they cooked pretty fast. Afterward I put them on a paper towel covered plate. I then tossed them with a sugar and cinnamon mixture.

They tasted pretty good. I liked these better than AB’s. I will have to experiment with toppings next time… and maybe even fillings! They were easier to make this time too. I guess when you have some practice it doesn’t seem like climbing a mountain.

So you know that whole life crap I was talking about?! The computer has a virus and we can’t get photos on the computer. Enjoy the delicious photo below. 🙂


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